Cat Application to Adopt From "Wags to Riches" Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

    Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Completion of the application does not guarantee adoption.

    We require all questions to be answered in full, with as much information as possible. Thank you.

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    Please give the name of the kitten you wish to adopt: 

    Why do you wish to adopt this animal?  Please answer this in detail: 

    Do you have dogs in the home?

    Number of dogs:

    Are they accustomed to cats?  

    How many cats / kittens do you have at this time? 

    Are they spayed / neutered? 

    If no, why not? 

    Are they up to date on their shots? 

    If no, why not? 

    Do you live in a condo, house, apartment, mobile home, etc? 


    How many in your household?

    Do you have children? 

    If Yes, number of children? 

    Ages of children? 

    Who will be responsible for the care and supervision of the animal?

    Does anyone have an allergy to cats? If so, explain:

    What will happen to this cat if you should move?

    Are you prepared to accept the cost and care of this cat while in your home?

    What do you believe is a reasonable amount of time to give your new friend to bond with you and acclimate to your household?

    Give reasons you would feel it was necessary to return an adopted cat.

    Ideally the cat would never have to enter a rescue/shelter again. If something were to happen to you what would happen to the cat?

    Have you ever had to rehome a pet?

    If so, what were the circumstances?

    When do you consider euthanasia necessary?

    What are your feelings on spay and neuter?

    Please describe any rescue cats you may have previously owned.

    Do you have a Veterinarian for your pet?  


    Phone Number:

    Where will the cat be kept? 

    Where are you wanting to house the cat: 

    How will the cat access the outdoors if applicable?

    What potential problems do you feel unprepared for?  (Biting, scratching, house soiling, furniture scratching, not good with children, allergies, excessive grooming or other). 

    Have you ever had a cat declawed? 

    Would you ever consider declawing the cat/kitten you are applying for? If yes, please detail why you would opt to declaw.

    Please list two personal references including your veterinarian.  (This is required)


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    Phone Number:

    I authorize "Wags to Riches" Animal Rescue and Sanctuary to check my references:

    Be it understood if an animal is returned for any reason to "Wags to Riches" Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, according to our agreement, (which you will receive when adopting) the Adoption Donation is non-refundable.  If there is an exception, this will be decided on by the Board of Directors.  "Wags to Riches" Animal Rescue and Sanctuary reserves the right to refuse to adopt any pets to applicants we feel would not be in the best interest of the animal.  We also reserve the right to refuse any adoption, without justification, and NOT ALL APPLICATIONS OR INQUIRIES may receive a response.

    I understand that "Wags to Riches" Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about temperament or habits of cats / kittens available for adoption.  I understand completely that it is my responsibility to evaluate the cat / kitten for myself before agreeing to adopt it.  "Wags to Riches" Animal
    Rescue and Sanctuary is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a cat or kitten into a household agreed upon.

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