adopting a friend

Qualified adoptive families are selected through an application process that is focused on the welfare of the animal and the need to place each animal in an environment appropriate for that animal's background, temperament, and needs. Their needs are our primary concern and our primary goal is to attain safe, loving lifelong homes for them.

All animals will be current on their shots and must be either spayed or neutered before leaving us. The only exception would be if they are too young for the surgical procedure. If that is the case we will require a pre-paid receipt from your veterinarian showing that the surgery will be performed when the animal is old enough.


Love Stories...Happy Tails

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Baili and I are getting along swimmingly - she's such a love!  We're starting obedience class on the 17th to learn basic commands.

Baili is a great watch dog and lets me know when anyone is around but doesn't just bark at nothing.  Lucy (my cat) had finally accepted her and they're really cute together.  We all sleep on the same bed so how can you hold a grudge against a bunkmate?

She's even learning to play with toys - she didn't have a clue when I got her.  Of course I went overboard and got her lots of them and lots of treats and chewbones!
If I can figure out how to use my digital camera, I'll take some pictures of her (and the yard) so you can see how happy she is.

Keep up the good work, orphans need your tender care and loving each and every day!
Love to you all,