Wags to Riches Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.
    Foster Application

    Thank you for volunteering to foster for Wags to Riches. We appreciate all of our volunteers and know they each have a special place. Please complete the application below IN FULL. This application is for dogs and cats, please fill it out in full even if you believe the questions do not pertain to what you are interested in fostering. Once reviewed for approval, a home check visit will take place to verify all noted information. Again, many thanks to you

    I am interested in fostering:

    Full Name: Age:


    City: State: Zip:

    Primary Phone: Secondary Phone:

    Email Address:

    Other full time residents in household: It is important that everybody in this household understands and agrees to foster, even if their roles are minimum.

    Name: Age: Relation to you:

    Name: Age: Relation to you:

    Name: Age: Relation to you:

    If there are any individuals in the household under the age of 18, please briefly describe their roles in fostering and their experience with dogs in the past:

    Do you rent your home? If yes, is your landlord okay with you fostering?

    Please list your landlord's contact information below. It is required that we contact the landlord before your home check.

    Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, how tall is the fence? feet.

    If no, how do you plan to keep your foster contained when outside?

    All Wags to Riches fosters are indoor pets. Is this okay?

    Do you work from home?

    When gone for work or other activities where will your foster be kept?

    If you are gone for more than six hours, what other arrangements will be made for your foster?

    Family Pets

    Dog or Cat





    Aggression Issues




    As a rescue we advocate for spaying and neutering your animals. If an animal is unaltered, please briefly describe why:

    If your animals have aggression issues, please briefly describe them:

    If you have any other species of animals living in your house or on your property that you care for (farm, rodent, bird, etc.) please list them below along with the interactions the foster might have with them:

    Vet Information

    What vet clinic do you currently use?

    May we contact this clinic for a reference?

    What name is on record at the vet clinic?

    Foster Options

    Puppy (under six months)

    Puppy (six months to a year)

    Young (1-2 years)

    Adult (2+ years)

    Mature / Senior (8+ years)

    Extra Small (under 10 pounds)

    Small (10 - 30 pounds)

    Medium (30 - 50 pounds)

    Large (50 - 90 pounds)

    Extra Large (90+ pounds)



    Mom w/ nursing puppies

    Litter of puppies

    Special Needs

    Training Needs

    Hypoallergenic breeds (shih Tzus, poodles, etc.)

    Emergency (under 1 week)

    Bottle Baby Kittens (under four weeks)

    Kittens under adoption age/weight (4-8 weeks)

    Kittens (8 weeks to six months)

    “Teenage” Kittens (6 months to 1 year)

    Adult Cats (1-8 years)

    Senior Cats (8+ years)

    Kittens or Cats with Special Needs/Medical Needs

    Kittens or Cats with minor medical needs (such as minor upper respiratory infections)

    Momma Cats with nursing kittens

    All of our kittens will be examined prior to entering your home, one of the things we look for is ringworm, which is a prevalent fungus in this valley. Some kittens may have been exposed and don’t present with symptoms for a week or two. Although, we will never knowingly give you a kitten with ringworm, the prevalence of this in the valley and the time it can take from exposure to becoming symptomatic means that some kittens may have ringworm without us knowing. While we will do our best to avoid this situation, should any kittens come down with ringworm while in your home, we would ask you to continue to foster them through their treatment as we have no physical set up for them to be transferred to for care. All supplies would be provided for the treatment and support would be given along the way if needed. Treatment can take up to six weeks, however with aggressive treatment we hope to lower that timeframe considerably. Please check the box below to indicate you have read and understand the above statement, further details will be provided at the time of the home visit.

    Yes, I have read the above statement and understand if kittens develop ringworm while I am fostering them, I would continue to foster them until they are healthy.

    By signing you accept and acknowledge all fostering responsibilities for any animal placed in your care.

    You understand that all animals are a part of the Wags to Riches system and are not to be removed or placed any- where without the express permission of Wags to Riches. If anyone is interested in adopting your foster, please direct them to Wags to Riches for an application to adopt.

    If you are approved to foster for Wags to Riches all communications or concerns regarding your foster, their food, supplies and medical care should be directed to our Foster Coordinator.

    Thank you for applying to foster for Wags to Riches. Our foster coordinator will be in touch soon. If you have any questions please email our foster coordinator at foster@wagstorichesanimalrescue.org.

    Please remember we are all volunteer so a response may take a few days.

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