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Wags to Riches Board Meetings

Third Wednesday of the month @ 6pm.  No meeting in July & December.

American Red Cross - 302 S. 2nd Street - Yakima, WA

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Spay and Neuter Information

Volunteer positions

Volunteering is probably one of the noblest things one can do, particularly in helping the animals.  Please consider joining us in our efforts to rescue these animals.  Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks so please fill out our volunteer application below, bring your enthusiasm and we'll help you get involved.

   Wags Volunteer Application

For More Information Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: 

Fostering, in your home, is a undertaking of tremendous value and equal reward.  Contact us for detailed information on foster home opportunities.

Foster Homes.  A loving home to keep a dog(s), puppies, cat(s) or kittens until their forever home can be found or until they can be transported to another rescue.  (All of our pets are listed on  We supply food, medical, if needed and help in any way we can while you foster the animal.

 We never want our foster families feeling alone.  We want someone to keep in contact with them (whether they have an animal or not).  Being a foster is vital to our organization, until (and even after) we have our sanctuary built.  We need to have good ones and we need to keep them happy!   Submit the online form at the link below to become one of our foster families!


Questions?  Email our foster coordinator at

Assessments.  We need someone that feels comfortable around dogs that can handle them and get an idea of their temperament.  We then take their pictures and post them on the website as available for adoption.  In the case of an owner surrender, if someone calls in and wants their animal assessed, we talk to them and get a feel for their animals temperament, if they are aggressive we let the people know they need to address this problem first, before we would be able to help them, if we can help them at all.

Picture Taking.  This would be taking pictures at the assessments, and also many times we need someone to go to homes to take puppy / kitten/ cats or dog pictures.

Giving Shots.  We do this when the animals are brought in to be assessed.  Sometimes we need to go to the homes to give puppies their shots.

Office help.   We need help with paperwork.  When people bring their animals in that are being assessed, we need to get all the background information on them so that we can have an accurate bio to go with their picture online.  Once we have an owner surrender, we need someone to make sure the family is given the proper forms when they turn their animal over to Wags to Riches.  Also adoptions will be done the same day, so we would like to have someone there to process the paperwork.

Transporting.  We are making connections with rescues on the other side of the mountains.  We need someone that would be willing to transport animals to those rescues.  We would pay for gas.

Volunteer Coordinator.  We need someone to be in contact with the volunteers.  To be in charge of their schedule, for example, for assessments.  Volunteers are also vitally important to our organization.  We would need you to be in contact with the volunteers to make sure they are happy.  As you can see we need volunteer help in many areas!  

Phone Messages.  We will have a message line that people call in to.  The calls need to be checked at least once a day, and calls returned.  We have guidelines that we follow to answer their questions.

Contact.  Establish person to person contact (at least the initial contact) with local grocery stores to ask for pet food donations.  A lot of times they have bags of food that have broken open that can't be sold and just need a place to donate.

Collection of Food.  When we get calls from grocery stores we need someone to pick up the food.  From any other source, we need someone who can pick food up at any time.

Education Team.  We would like to work on educating the public.  Whether it be going into schools, putting together facts and information, meeting with local groups etc.

Media Relations.  We would like someone to be a liaison between the media (television, radio etc.) and our organization.  We want this person to contact the media when we have events.  We want this person to keep their eyes and ears open for places that we may get the word out about our organization.

Fund Raising Coordinator.  Fund raising is essential to our organization.  We need funds to build a sanctuary, but prior to that we need the funds for the day to day occurrences.  For example: All of our animals receive shots and are spayed or neutered (if they are old enough) prior to going to their forever homes.  We will need to buy the vaccines and pay the vets.  The coordinator and their team would need to come up with fund raising events and ideas.

Fund Raising Team.  Your job would be to help the coordinator come up with ideas for fund raising events and to help out at those events.

Newsletter Editor.  The newsletter is published 6 times per year. Must have experience in newsletter and writing. For more information anyone who is interested can email me at


On behalf of the Board of Directors and Volunteers of Wags to Riches we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity. YOU HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Click here to contact us or call 509-453-4155.

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